Road Warrior

What are the ways you keep sane during your daily commute?

I live in New Jersey, the most densely populated state per square mile in the country. I drive in South Jersey. I have been commuting for over 2 years and I travel to 3 offices. I commuted for 6 years from 1990-1996.

When I started my current job it was part-time, I was offered full time 6 months later. Full time meant more driving time with the maniacs. I continually say, it’s all about the benjamins. I allow enough time to get to my office, I listen to my radio station, am in my zone.

I am happy to arrive to my destinations every time, work and home. The difference between the 90’s and now is vast…first discovered “road rage” during those 6 years.

I am now 55, and have been rear-ended 3 times over a 10 year period. I am so afraid of getting hurt again and I need my car for my job.

There are too many texting while driving; company vehicles, people with children in the front seat. It’s bad enough to talk and drive, most people are looking ahead at least.

When I get home is the best, put on the music and cook, depending on the season, is what’s for dinner. Having 4 seasons in this area is great. A farm stand with locally grown fruits and veggies in the summer; cold meals, chicken salad, potato salad, pasta salad, etc. Fall and winter;  soups, roasted chicken, chili, tacos, broiled fish, I grill indoors with a grill pan all year round.

The chopping/slicing/dicing/sauteing relieves the stress of the driving. I am no longer thinking about the idiots. Not until the next morning.

I make my fun with commuting, whenever possible, am the beast who will not let you cut me off in the merging lane. You are all invisible. The gestures are the most fun for me!

Last week, I was doing the speed limit, so I thought, and a girl behind me was beeping at me. She was so close I could describe her for a police sketch. She had 2 blond braided pig tails and she was shaking her hands above her head because I was going too slow. Her hand were off the steering wheel! When I was at a red light, I mimicked her gesture. And I said out loud, Oh My God, I am making her crazy!!! Hope she saw me imitating her!!!

It was funny to me and sometimes that’s all I have, I am more amused than raged on a daily basis.

This is not about the bad stuff that we do to each other, this is the lighter side.


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